“Bird and Beach” – Experimentals

So, like, this was an experiment in weird. And you know what…I had fun. To hell with quality. To hell with convention. To hell with ordinary.

Still Life – Bird, beach, waves, leaf, toe. LOL

I chose a warped canvas. Poor thing. Most would have just passed it by. But aren’t we all a little warped? And to be honest, I have a few more. They were a package deal and that was all I needed to hear. Adopted!

I started with a some black paint splats. Let those dry for a week. Then it just turned out to be an interpretive piece. Like one of those blot tests things.

Still squishy in spots.

I wonder what Rorschach would have to say about this one. To me, it says pass the margarita and turn up the Buffet.


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