Endometriosis Awareness Month – Know Your Facts

Yellow ribbon

Often marginalized as simply “painful periods,” endometriosis is a poorly-understood disease. Symptoms may be wide-reaching and can also mimic other conditions.

Despite being one of the most common illnesses affecting 176 million individuals worldwide from every walk of life, delays in diagnosis continue to hover around a decade on average, with many told their pain is ‘a normal part of being a woman’ or that they will ‘grow out of it’ over time.

Exacerbating the problem are the piles of misinformation circulating around the Internet. Although most are probably shared with good intentions, many sources just don’t have their facts right.

Never fear! Last year I asked Heather C. Guidone, Program Director for Center for Endometriosis Care, to give me the lowdown on what women REALLY need to know.

Please check out her in-depth article here. I’ve also provided an extensive list of resources.


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