WOAH! Outside!

Brace yourselves, folks. I went OUTSIDE today. Yes, seriously. How’s my choice of outfits? I was unsure as I’m not used to dressing for humans.

sunday 1

I know I know. That’s not a typical thing for me since I’m such a panic-stricken baby about all that public/people shit. But I did it. Had to spend my birthday money after all. And I chose to spend it on spring.

Hit the Home Depot with my dad and sister. Picked up two potted flowers, potting soil, and yet more string for The Man’s weed eater. It’s Texas. Our weeds eat that shit like candy.

Since none of us had anywhere to be for a few, we decided margaritas and Mexican food was in order. I had to take a deep breath, well…many deep breaths…but I did it.

sunday 2

Luckily the restaurant still had a booth available. It was crowded with Sunday people all loud and boisterous after church. So my sister sat on the outside while Dad sat opposite, with his eyes on anything behind me.

Phew! Home now.


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