Stewed Chicken and Dumplings

chickdumps 6
Kitchen juice, fairy dust, and a little flour.

Got a wild hair up my arse and decided it was time to try my hand at chicken and dumplings. The last time I attempted it, the dumplings were horrid. Went with one of those boxed biscuit mixes that time.

This time I decided to go with Paula Deen’s advice.

Can you believe that, for once, that she didn’t include butter in a recipe?!

I also had to pull out the family heirloom rolling pin that mother passed down to me.

What fun that was!

chickdumps 1

I also decided that plain chicken soup would just not do. I had to go one step beyond.

I’m all about the flavor, baby!

Of course I didn’t have a recipe, but I decided to make stewed chicken. I have a hard time following strict recipes when it comes to most dishes. Just tend to go with what sounds good.

chickdumps 5

And boy was it delicious! And the dumplings turned out fantastic!


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