A Happy Surprise

cilantroOne thing about gardening is that in the early Spring, you get a few surprises from the past year.

I went out to turn the compost on top of last year’s garden yesterday and didn’t even notice it. The Man, however, noticed it today while he was out with the weed-eater. Well, not until he had chopped it in two.

Too bad we’re not having Mexican food tonight. We’re having Italian. I know people swear by adding cilantro to Italian dishes. But for me, that’s sacrilege. Plum crazy talk.

At least I know letting the cilantro go to seed last year will yield an awesome bumper crop this year. And I won’t even have to plant new stuff. Just till up that damn compost and dirt and let it grow. Yippee!

And might I add…nom nom nom nom!


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