Stuart Sneakers Captured in the Wild

So, I finally got my sneakers this morning. I’ve been rather OCD about checking the UPS tracking on them over the last week. More out of excitement really.

sneakers 3

These Zazzle sneakers are based on a painting of mine that everyone adores. See, I can already tell that he’s one that will be hard to let go, at whatever price (even though he did spend the summer entertaining kids at a local public library). That’s why I’m now starting to implant him on products. That way everyone can enjoy.

sneakers 1

So here’s the Zazzle pic…

stuart sneakers

Not bad for on-demand printing! Yes, my feet are tiny. No, I don’t have cankles. The camera angle was just weird.

If you want to grab a pair of your very own, head on over to Zazzle!

I can make high top and slip-on varieties if you want a customer order.


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