Saturday Moment of Reflection

Man oh man what a busy week! Let me see if I can get through it as quickly as possible.

In between working and cooking and chores, I managed to FINALLY get all three Heads ready for their trip in April. Pics later. Tomorrow is the photo shoot if the natural light will cooperate.

Sat down and listed all the projects I have in front of me now. Oh boy.

  • Branches piece that’s going to be DIVINE
  • Alien Stone (well, it’s a rather large stone so we’ll see how it goes)
  • Punk Daily is still in progress
  • Two other pieces in progress that haven’t found their character yet
  • 5 more heads to contemplate, 3 of them wicked weird
  • And the painting fairy has invaded my brain again

Needless to say, I spent a good part of this afternoon cleaning and organizing my studio. I’m knackered!

While I was cleaning, I had to take something to the garage. This was out there and I was like, “Hello. I just cleaned a shelf and you should be there.” Took some pics and never even realized The Man was staring at me through the door.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Bless you all.

Love, Lola


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