Some stuff. Just because.

Been busy. Was feeling pouty today so I took a mental health afternoon. Art and my dude. Still pouty, but I did got some some fun in there a teensy bit. Fuck it. A girl has to keep her wits about her, even when she’s on the edge of crazy.

Do not go gentle into that good night….

stufffriendly copyflight


Checking in. Catching Up.

Hey friends! I know it seems like I’ve been neglectful in my blogging duties lately. But I’m sure you’ve done just fine without me. After all, our global village is a busy one, and we’ve got a lot to keep us occupied. At any rate, I thought I would pop in and say hello.

Still depressing on the money front. But hey, who isn’t broke these days right? I mean, come on! Having extra money is like finding a fucking unicorn for most of us. Ain’t gonna happen!

I have had more bright spots than low lights this past week. And isn’t that the purpose of life?

Still working on the Branches piece for my sister. I tell you what…once this thing is done, someone better gold plate it because this shit is taking a loooo-ooooo-oooong time. My poor, achy back. But “glue fingers” is a fun side effect. Remember putting Elmer’s Glue on your hands when you were a kid just so you could see how big a piece you could peel off? Yeah, it’s like that…only all dang day! HEAVEN!

I also had a really fricken cool thing happen. Bing News finally posted one of my articles on STEAM Register. I tell you what…WOAH! Hits were through the roof! Sadly I think it may have been an anomaly, but it’s given me renewed hope. I won’t post the link here, so if you want it let me know. It’s about space. Nerdy but cool. Just this thing out there in the cosmos.

I got to write several other interesting articles this week, too many to cover really. I also got to spend a little more time on other art projects. Oh! And cook some kickass food. Sadly I didn’t capture pics or even write the ingredients down though. The Man and I tend to get carried away in the kitchen so taking notes or pictures is kind of hard.

Last night, for instance, I cooked a few pounds of bacon while we danced to heavy metal tunes (can you call them that) on the radio. We don’t listen to that kind of musical typically, but it was the only radio station my little ancient device could pick up and I wasn’t about to load YouTube.

So, you see, I have been busy. I just wish I had more pictures and such to prove it. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Prince. Gone. Tears.

042116-prince death
Cover art for the album Purple Rain by the artist Prince and The Revolution. Warner Bros.

I’m crushed beyond words, crying tears of Purple Rain, longing for a ride in my Little Red Corvette with darling Nikki who only wants to grind because she wants to party like it’s 1999. But we can’t party, Nikki. Prince is dead.


When you run out of canvas…

My wonderful mother suggested that, since I’m currently out of canvas, I should perhaps do something like this next.

I have my grandmother’s antique mahogany side-folding table. I was thinking about selling it since it has no matching chairs. But Mother suggested I instead create a fabulous work of art.

What do you think? Stuart table? Collage table? The possibilities are endless. But first, I need to learn how to strip and all that.