Heads – Prototype Alien

HEAD ALIEN 041616I know I was super-duper down in the dumps on my last post. Still am to tell the truth. However, I can’t let that stop me from still doing my best “on the job” and continuing on with my artwork. Thus, I would like to introduce to you the latest Head piece I’ve started. It’s a prototype for a final that will be about 3 feet tall…most of it neck. But before I tackle that one, I have to practice how I want it to look on a much smaller piece.

I finished “Dusty” the other day, but just haven’t had a good chance (aka good lighting) to get a proper pic of the final. Will do that soon. I just can’t shake the feeling she’s got some finishing touches that I may have missed. Oh well. I’ll get back to her when the sun decides to grace us with her presence again.

Here’s one from yesterday…when the sun was still out. Won’t see her again for at least a week.

nature 041616 004



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