I’m noticing a trend here…

Challenge anyone? I dunno. Just a thought. Might help get rid of the blues.

I was going through the last week’s photos and the majority of them seem to be centered on a single color: green. I guess that’s because it’s Spring, and because green has always been my favorite color.

nature 041616 001
Sometimes you have to let yourself get more down to earth. Ya know?

Well, unless you ask me to do my Valley Girl impersonation. In that case my answer would be:

“Hello! My name is Lola and my favorite color is clear.”

Just doesn’t translate in written form. One of those “you just have to be there” type things.

nature 041616 002
Like REALLY down to earth.

Anywho….as you’ve been scrolling through this post, you’ve no doubt seen the samples of green I’ve captured this past week.

nature 041616 003
I think I can make a bonsai tree out of this. But hey…did you notice my little friend? Can you spot him?

Perhaps I should make it a challenge? Anyone up for a Green Thumb photography and art challenge for a week? Anything green, as long as it’s not bodily fluids or rotted corpses of course. That would just be gross.

And of course we can’t forget the fact that my latest Head piece is all green with envy.

nature 041616 004
Friday’s Alien
Saturday’s Alien

If you’re up for it, so am I. Although there will be a lot of grays and browns mixed in because we’re expecting rain for a while.


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