Roasted Savory Honey Nuts – Round One

PLEASE NOTE: I am not yet ready to provide the entire recipe just yet because it still needs a few tweaks. Just thought I would share my recipe creation process with you. It often takes several tries to get to an idea from brain to plate.

roasted salty and sweet pecans 005
Final product — still needs tweaking for sure.

For the purpose of this test, I kept the amount of nuts to a minimum…in this case an even 20.

roasted salty and sweet pecans 001

Lined my baking sheet with a double layer of wax paper and preheated oven to about 300 degrees.

Lined up the nuts on the wax paper. Drizzled with honey, sprinkled with salt, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and as I like to say, “lovingly place pats of butters on top.” Little itty bitty tiny pats.

roasted salty and sweet pecans 002

Cooked 10 minutes, turned and cooked another 8-10 minutes.

roasted salty and sweet pecans 003

Then I took the parchment paper and nuts off baking sheet (kinda almost got stuck so you may want to spray with non-stick) and place on a wire rack to cool.

roasted salty and sweet pecans 004

In the end, the nuts were still not quite as sweet as I wanted. Perhaps too much salt or not enough sugar. Round two will certainly be interesting.

These pecans are from my dad’s wee orchard after the last season. Fresh nuts perhaps next time?


3 thoughts on “Roasted Savory Honey Nuts – Round One

    1. I was hoping you would chime in eventually. I think the brown sugar sounds like a wonderful idea. And a tad more honey perhaps? I won’t get fresh nuts until the next season, but I still have some leftover from last year’s crop that I could at least practice on some more. After all, practice makes perfect…eventually. LOL

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