Flycatcher in the Rye

I know…shitty title, but it’s all my brain can handle at this point.


I forgot to mention that I am the fairy godmother to a family of fly-catchers.

Dad took almost a month even getting a base built for the nest. Poor thing. We had to help a bit here and there. His lady fair just said back the entire time laughing at him.

One morning we woke up and there was an entire nest. I think she must have intervened. Women are better at nesting sometimes.

Anyway, Momma laid 4 eggs eventually, which we have kept a keen eye on seeing as they’re right above my front door. Honestly the parents don’t mind a bit. They’ve learned to tolerate us because we keep the cats out of their way and also bring them crumbs and dead flies.

So here’s my fairy godbabies. They hatched about 5-6 days ago. I think their eyes will open in the next day or two. I’m so excited to see them see me for the first time.

babies 2

This is a full family portrait from a few days ago.


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