Potatoes Are Bad, But Seafood Is Good

fish good potatoes bad
Image Courtesy Pixabay/Public Domain

I took some time this weekend to pen a few articles about diet and nutrition. Perhaps you’ll find one (or both) helpful.

First, much to my dismay (and a hefty helping of skepticism) is a study on potatoes. See, potatoes are supposed to be kind of good for you. They’re bursting at the seams with antioxidants, essential vitamins, fiber, potassium, and magnesium, just to name a few. What’s more, potatoes are also gluten-free (of course) and low in calories, provided you don’t pile too much butter and cheese on top. Additionally, at just 110 calories, one medium potato has no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

However, according to new research, if you eat four or more servings per week, you’re on the fast track to high blood pressure, aka hypertension.

Let’s face it, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING at some point has been blamed for high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Interestingly, however, this study found no risk from eating potato chips. Hmmmm. I’m sure they’ll find a loophole though.

The other study I reported on provided some good news, thankfully.

I have a friend whose mother is sadly suffering from dementia. So any time I find research on the subject I try to cover it for her.

This new study found that people who ate more seafood had reduced rates of decline in the semantic memory, which is memory of verbal information. They also had slower rates of decline in a test of perceptual speed, or the ability to quickly compare letters, objects and patterns.

I’m not a big seafood eater, but since I’ve started wandering into a room and forgetting why I was there, I think I may need to start giving it another shot. Even fish sticks were included in this study. I think I can handle those, as long as there’s a ton of ketchup on the side.

Give the articles a read and see if they help you out. But as with any health report you read, ALWAYS consult your doctor or dietician before making changes to your diet. Do not rely solely on what you read on the Internet.

Secondly, eat what you love. Just do it responsibly. Only you and your doctor know what’s going on inside your body.


3 thoughts on “Potatoes Are Bad, But Seafood Is Good

  1. I really like potatoes – but only have them maybe once a week (if that) – so I’m glad to hear that I can have them a little more and I’ll ‘live!” lol

    And in regards to the seafood vs Alzheimer – since I don’t eat as much seafood as I should on a weekly basis, I’ve added Omega 3 to my morning vitamin routine – it’s been said that this helps!

    Thanks for the info update Gayle! 🙂

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    1. I eat potatoes about once a week myself. And I eat so little food per serving that I doubt anything is going to collectively harm me in the long run. I do feel bad for those who are addicted to them though. Now I just have to wrap my head around putting actual seafood in my mouth. I suppose I could add the supplement, but I despise taking anything in pill form. Grin and bear it either way. LOL 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 I’m also not a big fan of pills – but I take 3 every morning (biotin, vitamin E and Omega-3) – lucky for me I don’t need anything else (YET!) But you’re right-it’s always better to get it in food rather than in pills! 🙂

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