Where the HELL have you been, Lola?

shadowsI know a few of you may be asking where the hell I’ve been. Well, the short answer is that I’ve been freakin’ busy. Stressed, but nonetheless highly productive. Here’s a brief rundown.

On top of my usual work, I’ve been doing a ton of interviews and editorials, and of course the poetry and art and all that it entails. Sorry I haven’t posted any of the art and stuff. You can find that on my Instagram account for now.

Right now I have three creative projects in progress: Another mannequin head named “Naabeehó” (Navajo), a twisted painting called “Crossroads,” and I’m currently in the process of brainstorming/sketching out my next robot-themed character (as yet unnamed). I am continually covered in glue or paint. It’s even in my hair! Oh, and I’m currently courting the idea of a pop-up art show in the local park. Just put my stuff willy-nilly against trees, start taking pics, and see who shows up. :: shrug ::

A few articles of note that I have penned recently are as follows:

1. Breakthrough in Biomimicry Thinking – ‘Tarantula Blue’ Now One Step Closer To Reality (ongoing series/interview). I got the chance to interview Bor-Kai (Bill) Hsiung, a biomimicry expert at the University of Akron, about the latest development in his breakthrough research involving blue tarantulas and nanotechnology. I have been following his research since December 2015 and it’s utterly fascinating! Plus, he’s a patient interviewee and always steers me in the right direction.

2. Fear In America 2016 – What Americans Are Really Afraid Of. This is all about Chapman University’s annual survey of American fears. As you can imagine, politics was the top contender for the second year in a row. They put this thing out every year in October…just in time for Halloween. However, ghosts and ghouls never seem to make the cut.. However, paranormal and conspiracy theories was of particular interest this year. More on the politics in item #5 below.

3. The Psychology Of Climate Change Denial In A Post-Truth Society (editorial, with a follow-up STEM interview to come in the next week). The article begins as a report on the thesis of Kirsti Jylhä at Uppsala University. As the title says, her thesis examines the psychology of climate change denial, who is more likely to be in this category, and suggests ways to change it. Of course, being a staunch supporter of measures to combat climate change, this one turned into a novella where I speak about climate change, anti-vaxxers, and so-called “truthers.” The follow-up article will only cover STEM education and the best ways approach changing minds. You have to start somewhere. Firm, yet gentle.

4. Nuclear Science 101 – Background Radiation From Everyday Objects (interview). I received a press release literally hot off the presses. I knew the entire “non-news” world would blow up with clickbait headlines, so I opted to instead bide my time, do the research, and contact the nuclear scientist and ask him to expand on his research. He was more than happy to oblige the novice. In the end, I gained a thorough understand of how NOT to clickbait an article, and I learned a ton in the process. Plus, I got a glowing review from him in email this morning. “High quality,” he said. :: blush ::

5. Yes, The Election Is Literally Making You Crazy (psychology and politics, the only way I’m reporting on that shit). The American Psychological Association conducts its Stress in America poll on an annual basis. It usually comes out at the beginning of the year, but they did find something of note that is REALLY stressing us out: the 2016 presidential election. Therefore, they issued a release outlining their preliminary findings. I reported on that, but wasn’t content with leaving it at that. I took a deeper dive and looked at how people would describe this election cycle, what stress is, and ways to reduce it. Oh, and I was able to conduct my own informal poll and included those results.

I’ve done many more articles, but these are my most notable. You can find the rest here.

Until next time, PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT all you hippie freaks!

Love, Lola


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