Nabeeho – In Progress

I guess I haven’t posted an art update in a long time. Well, rest assured my hands are covered in art juice for at least a few minutes a day. I’ve had this thing for styrofoam and plastic mannequin heads for a while now. Already finished 4 or 5 and sent them out into the wild. And then, around my birthday earlier this year, everyone thought it would be awesome to buy me some REALLY long-necked ones — 3 in total. This is my second “alien” so far.

No you can’t buy it…she’s already spoken for 😉

This is “Nabeeho” (or Navajo) in various stages of progress. She’s a long way from being finished. A real labor of love.

Base is a styrofoam mold, painstakingly coated in hand-torn, shredded-with-the-force-of-editorial-angst, recycled paper grocery sacks — tiny piece by tiny piece. All glued on with glee, like a child with Elmer’s Glue all over their hands and not giving one fuck.

I’m currently in the process of creating her beaded turquoise “mask.” Hope I don’t run out of beads. They are also recycled, from a lovely blouse the very same person gave me. Talk about inspiration! I love this blouse, LOVE IT, but the bead work is way too heavy for me. WIN-WIN. She gets the beads, I get the blouse.

And the hair? Oh the hair, dahling. Let me recommend you not try this at home. Tissue paper, recycled from my mother’s Red Hat Society gift bags — red, purple, green. Yummy colors. YUMMY. Each strand has been twisted and glued on bit by bit by bit…and so on. I’ve been digging day old Mod Podge out of my fingernails for over a month. And I’m still not done with that part!

So you see, I have indeed been sticking to my artistic endeavors.


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