I Choose to Resist

When someone else writes your thoughts more eloquently than you…

A Boston Lass

I’m a pretty lucky resister.

I don’t have a Trump-voting family who barrages me with empty rhetoric. I don’t work with a boss who brings in donuts when the President signs an executive order stomping on our rights while shifting the most dangerous people around him into power roles. My family of mixed party affiliation votes mainly on fact. The churches in my neighborhood have had Black Lives Matter signs hanging for well over a year and the homes around me emptied out on the day of the Women’s March and again for the Anti-Ban march this past weekend.

So, when people raise concerns about my activism, they are generally one of two groups. Those closest to me remind me to practice self-care. When I assure them that I am, they believe me (or don’t) but respect my stance. Others–friends, neighbors, family members, people I love and I know love me, express the…

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