Land of Confusion

I just have no words anymore to describe things. Let’s just look at some recent headlines instead.

1. Trump claims he ‘inherited a mess’ at sprawling, grievance-filled news conference – Washinton Post

2.  Robert Harward turns down Trump’s national security offer – Financial Times

Note: I didn’t link to any of the ones referring to the fact he said the offer was a “shit sandwich.” Google will gladly oblige any search for that.

3. Senate set to approve Trump’s EPA pick as White House targets regulation – Reuters

However: “A few hours ago, a judge in Oklahoma ordered the release of thousands of emails about EPA nominee Scott Pruitt’s relationship with Big Oil. Republicans must be worried about what’s in those emails, because they’re jamming through his nomination tomorrow – just FOUR DAYS before the emails will be released! Those emails may show corruption – but we already know that Scott Pruitt always sides with the corporate polluters and has no business as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. I’m speaking on the Senate floor now to strongly oppose his nomination and to share the stories of Massachusetts residents who are worried about what his nomination means for our environment and our families.” U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Facebook

4. Russia’s Election Interference: Cummings Wants 9/11 Commission-Style Probe – NBC News

And I’m just going to leave this here:

5. Full Transcript and Video: Trump News Conference – New York Times



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