All – GChristopher Original 2017

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black as night – an ode to despair

spring is here
and everything is so
fucking green
but inside
deep down
in my heart
in my soul
everything is black
as black as night
darker than
the darkest void
i’m forced to crawl
feel my way around
looking for walls
then the door
or maybe a window
to let in the light
i know that
i am smiling
on the outside
but don’t you dare
not for one minute
let that fool you
there is no green
no color
only despair
and gloom
and black
black as night
damn the birds
damn the flowers
damn the dark
damn it all

— GChristopher 2017

NOTE: To all who don’t understand it when a loved one is depressed, remember these words because this is how they are feeling. Not saying I feel this way right now, but I have been close before. Don’t pity the depressed, UNDERSTAND them and color their world.

Were We Gondwanaland

Were we Gondwanaland
Forest of the Gonds
Longing for suture
To the mighty Pangaea
Laurasia, our meek mistress
Held with tentative hands
Locked in stony and sullen silence
Were we this ancient land
Gondwanaland, Gondwanaland
Were we
To begin again
Drifting towards orogeny
Gathering before Iapetus
Awaiting impatient Cambrian
Perchance to witness
In magnitude and zeal
Primordial puzzlement
Before evolution
Protracted by rifts
Yet beginning anew

— GChristopher 2017

the impudent children of bits and of bytes

in shining
on morning’s first breath
does not the sun
proclaim herself queen

in rising
on twilight’s veiled wings
does not the moon
reveal her own ego

is not
the glory of nature
in her myriad of forms
boastful with each fertile breath

the flower
she grows

the insect
she crawls

the wind
she blows

the river
she flows

the mother
she births

do not these feats of wonder
deserve our high praise

verily, no
not today

we punish her
we say, nay, woman
rest thee not!

take what little is given
bones and ashes
a plasticine palace

nourish us
and gravity provide

but take not from us
for we are
the impudent children
of bits and of bytes

— GChristopher 2017

sometimes you have to

sometimes you have to speak with

the wall, the chair, the floor

let’s face it
they’re better company
than most


the wall


it will support you
should you ever need to lean

the chair

come on…

it will comfort you
should your feet get tired

the floor

that lovely, sweet floor…

it will be there to greet you
should you

…oopsiy daisy…

stumble and fall

so why bother
with mere mortals
(those peasants!)
who have nothing to give

run your fingers
along the back of a chair

stroke the wall gently
color it with care

kiss the floor
several times if you must

and while you’re at it
look up at the ceiling
for it too was always there

— GChristopher 2017

cast your gaze

cast your gaze
look not
to western wilds
move thee hence
toward folly
see you with
blinded eyes?
hear you with
deafened ears?
i bid thee thusly
move eastward
along narrow
and jagged path
with fallen shadows
paint your goings
in casting your hand
plot forward course
in vain
i shall scream
heed this?
nay traveler
you cannot
for the call
follows westward
yet in moving
go ever east
— GChristopher 2017

that one night

there was
that one night

you remember
the one where time
was more than

speed of light
or was it
a snail’s pace

sleep was there
hosting the night

fear abided
right behind

she, however
was absent

purveyed prior

a syrup of sorrow
spilling from
and errant lips

purchased from
but yet

but yet sleep
said night
thrice to arms
to arms
no quarter

for there was
that one night


— Lola Gayle Christopher 2017