Messy Hair (Bitch, I know I’ve been absent)

So…like..I know I’m treat this blog like most of us women treat shaving our legs, but here’s the deal. (and please bear with me)

  1. Fucking Trump!
  2. See #1

Other than that, I’ve been completing a cardboard piece every day. Here’s this bitch. She”s a huge one.


Bitch Please – 2017

Acrylic on extra large recycled cardboard piece. Yeah, well, I’ve been fucking busy creating like a mad woman. I’m not posting them on here mostly because I can’t be bothered when I’m covered in paint. Here’s a sample of what I’m up to. I do have several different projects going on.

This piece is inspired by the female form — and current events. Expect more like this I’m sure.
bitch please medium.jpg

Food Rant – WAKE UP People!


Organic, gluten-free, cage-free, pasture-fed, non-GMO, etc etc etc. Suddenly I realize that this is all just bullshit meant to steer us in the direction of more expensive options — and all of them no more healthy than the other stuff. I know a ton of people who tout all of these things, and ALL OF THEM are on medication for things like diabetes and other health issues…and some of them were not on these medications before they started eating all that nouveau riche crap.

Don’t fall for all that BS! Continue reading

Studio Tour – Addicted to Painting (Cardboard Art Series)

If you like this post, then you really should watch the video first.

Happy May Day! Here’s a quick Facebook Live preview of my cardboard art pieces. At least the ones I have completed so far. I am truly addicted to this series. Can’t seem to stop! Sorry for the video quality. And yes, my studio is currently located in my dusty garage. At least I get to be outside…sort of. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Like any artist, I crave attention acceptance LOL.