Food Rant – WAKE UP People!


Organic, gluten-free, cage-free, pasture-fed, non-GMO, etc etc etc. Suddenly I realize that this is all just bullshit meant to steer us in the direction of more expensive options — and all of them no more healthy than the other stuff. I know a ton of people who tout all of these things, and ALL OF THEM are on medication for things like diabetes and other health issues…and some of them were not on these medications before they started eating all that nouveau riche crap.

Don’t fall for all that BS! After all, for the vast majority of us, these things are too damned expensive to afford. People like me are just happy to have protein at least 3 times a week. And overjoyed just to have vegetables every day…even if my corn is full of GMO-goodness. Who the fuck cares. I’m just happy to have food!

I want to call it “white privilege,” but I know people of all colors and backgrounds that have fallen for this bullshit…myself included. But now I think I know better. WAKE UP!


6 thoughts on “Food Rant – WAKE UP People!

  1. I ❤ gluten! But also recognize my susceptibility to "crunchy" marketing buzzwords. Like purchasing an item like this at an expensive health food store. (It was pretty delicious, and I greatly enjoyed drinking it, but not holding my breath for any super powers as a result of said consumption.)

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    1. I love the way you put it — “crunchy” marketing buzzwords. Sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to something like that drink. But I think it’s better to do it because we’re curious or just plain interested in stepping outside the usual grocery store aisles and trying something new and exotic.

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