About Lola

Editor by trade, artist by design.You won’t catch me spouting on about this or that. Well, not much.

I won’t make you read posts as long as novels.

day not wastedAnd I will never EVER try to sell you anything…unless it’s art-related of course.

I prefer to pass along the pretty, the interesting, the yummy, and the insanity (as needed).

Let’s just call it DRIVE-BY BLOGGING, shall we?

I also volunteer for steamregister.com – A site dedicated to space, science, technology, health, STEM and STEAM education. Check it out sometime!

Love, Lola

ps…if’ you’re wondering about the name of my blog, it’s merely the thing I tell myself constantly. “Hush, Lola! Hush!”

psycho lollipop


21 thoughts on “About Lola

  1. Hey my darlin’ Lola, is you cover picture my loving gifted painting, prior to the white additions? I love my picture as it hangs over my fireplace and is truly a featured piece in my eclectic space. I also love the idea that it survived an angry man, who tore it off the wall, carried it outside and while driving away through it into the parking lot. Gratefully, I was capable and not afraid to rescue it, luckily it was not damaged. Over the years, I’ve been given beautiful gifts of art. For me, this piece represents beauty, courage, survival and love. Thanks again, my lovely Lola, for the beautiful art you create, both visual and with your awesome words. ❤

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  2. “Hush, Lola! Hush!”….really your blog is well managed !!just if you can provide the full scientific post ,than it will be easy to read continuously & easy to reblogg also!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. LOL because I’ve always been the bread winner. And I would love to not live in a van down by the river. 😉 Job hunting for agoraphobes is an oxymoron, and my last job of 15 years ended late last year. You know, money depleted type thing. But I still love doing this blog and meeting all you fabulously crazy people.


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