Out of my comfort zone…Dragon Poet Review

Lately I’ve been doing my best to take a few extra steps to promote my work and my words. I’ve been painting in the garage where anyone driving or walking by can see me. I’ve been more open about how I really feel about things. I even did a spoken word piece today…and I think I’ll do more soon. But the coolest part is I actually submitted some of my work (poetry and art) to Dragon Poet Review for their summer issue. The deadline is May 1. Took me long enough to get up the gumption, but I did it.


Space Armor – Pop Art Series 2017

space armor 7
Man in the Dark – GChristopher 2017

Acrylic on extra large cardboard. This follows Mechanistic Azure Meridian and Man in the Dark…and so many others. And guess what, bitches? I have time to start on another one. Shit yes!